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The unpredictable risks to your life,health,business, or any other assets/events that needs to be transferred to an insurance company so that god forbid if any such risk arise the you are protected from irrecoverable losses/damages.

Our Approach

Our Approach

At blissfintrip we approach buying insurance in an informative manner after understanding your present and future needs in detail. We ensure that you buy the right product from the market and yet do not overpay or over-insure. We offer personalized service with individual attention to every detail like renewals, claims, change of policy details like address/phone numbers/nomination. We also update you with new products in the market and if that could help you with your changing needs

General Insurance

banner Health Insurance

Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs. There are various types of plans under this category so to make it simple we have a well-planned methodology to understand your risk and current insurance coverage. Accordingly, our team will suggest the plans best suited for your risk coverage within your budget. A combination of Base Plan with Super Top Up, Hospital Cash, Crtical Illness plans with OPD benefits

banner Car Insurance

Motor insurance is a very easy to understand policy covering your four-wheeler or two-wheeler from any damages but nowadays insurance companies are offering innovative features to stand out from the market so it's for your benefit that we make you aware of the same and then you make your choice

banner Home Insurance

This insurance covers our home from any mishaps be it natural calamity or fire, theft of valuables, etc. This insurance covers the damage if arises during the policy period. An extremely low-cost must-have insurance for our homes. Whether you are a tenant or landlord you need a Home Insurance

banner Cyber Insurance

The Most Dangerous Thing About Cyber Threats Is That They Are Usually Not Detectable Until After They Have Already Happened. Unlike A Stalker In Real Life, A Cyber Stalker Cannot Be Seen And Unlike A Suspicious Person Lingering Near An ATM, Phishers Are Hard To Perceive. Considering All The Possible Cyber Threats And Risks You’re Exposed To Every Time You’re Online.

banner Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance offers protection to businesses from any unforeseen issues. Some of the most common insurance policies are shopkeepers’ insurance, warehouse insurance, transit insurance, product and public liability insurance, employee liability insurance, marine insurance, property insurance, and many more. These policies provide a safety net to business owners in case of any problem.

banner Group Insurance

Group Health, Accident policy for benefit of employees and members

banner Bike Insurance

Bike Insurance is a safety plan that protects bike owners from any liability to third parties, arising due to the usage of two-wheelers. A Bike two-wheeler Insurance policy is a contract in which an insurance firm covers the financial aspects related to any loss or damage to a bike.

banner Travel Insurance

When you travel abroad it's very important to buy travel insurance as the cost of getting medical treatment is very high. It comes with covering coverage for loss of – baggage, passports. Other features include Flight delays, accidents, etc. There are various types of coverage based on the region, insured coverage amount, duration of the tour, etc. We make it simple by understanding your need and matching it with suitable products from the market to protect you from financial damages.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a fixed period contract between the insurer and the policyholder purely insurance and the other, which is a combination of insurance and investment component. But, maybe you are not sure which plan to opt for.

banner Term Plans

These plans help you to protect your family and loved one’s financially in your absence. There are various types of term plans available in the market depending on your age, duration of the coverage, and amount of coverage. It can have additional options for riders on health, accident, and others. There are options of plans with return of premium as well as without return of premium. These are the cheapest plans to ensure the financial security of your family in your absence

banner Investment Plans

These plans are a combination of insurance and investment offering fixed payouts and bonuses. There are products that offer market-linked returns too.

banner Saving Plans

These plans are also a combination of insurance and fixed compulsory savings with guaranteed returns. This helps in accumulating a corpus for future needs with the added protection of insurance

banner Retirement Plans

A retirement plan helps to build a corpus for your retirement. Helping you to live independently financially and without worries. Most of the child plans provide annual installments or one-time payout after the age of 60 years.

banner Child Insurance Plans

A child plan helps to build a corpus for the child’s future growth. Child plans help to build funds for a child’s education and marriage. Most of the Child The plan provides annual installments or one-time payout after the age of 18 years.

banner Healthcare Plans

These plans from the Life insurance provider come with the advantage of a fixed premium long-term contract and money is paid out even without hospitalization. There are various plans under this category for specific diseases as well general health which helps you to plan your treatment well

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